innovative parking machine for a smart city

Presto Interactif

With its 7" color touch screen, the parking machine offers a user-friendly and modern user interface.
Its content is fully customizable and allows for
municipalities to expand their distribution network
news and all kinds of information. It can be used as
unique digital dashboard.
Parking meters are ultra-compact, small in size and designed to have low energy consumption. All electronic components are optimized to reduce environmental pollution and achieve high
degree of environmental friendliness - an important factor for all member countries of
The European Union.
The parking machines have a fully customized appearance and
operability, built from modular elements, which allows the product to be configured according to the needs of each individual municipality. For the convenience of users, various payment options are offered - coins, prepaid cards, bank debit/credit and contactless cards.

Presto 1000

Complete management and monitoring from one place.
The Presto1000 application is the operator's management portal
and analysis of on-street parking policy in one or
several cities.

Presto1000 ensures reliable data consistency
in all parking devices. He integrates
seamlessly into existing solutions and provides open
interface for financial institutions and other providers of

Visualization and notification by email when an event occurs for each parking machine - you no longer need to constantly operate your devices.

Charts and graphical presentation of data are a convenient method for quick and accurate information on the technical and financial status of the system. Google Maps integration shows the current status of each parking machine conveniently positioned on the map.

IEM Partners & Distribution

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Official distributor for Bulgaria

For more than 15 years, we have been the official representative for Eastern Europe of Presto parking machines, designed and manufactured
from the Swiss company IEM.
All of the IEM ideals offered have been tested during the
production and upon delivery to the customer to ensure
impeccable quality and reliability.
We will ensure the trouble-free operation of
Your Presto Interactive parking machines, to achieve
maximum efficiency and reporting of high